Gramp's Gourmet® Foods

 Fundraising Opportunity for Schools and Organizations

 We can put together a fundraising package for your organization or school that is in the Chicagoland, Rockford or Galena area.
We will provide order forms and delivery.  
Give us a call today at 800-277-3135.
We can help you reach your fundraising goals with a fun and unique product

What We Offer:

6 Flavors of our Original Sweet and Sour Pickle - Original, Garlic, Horseradish, Jalapeno, Kickers and Habanero.

6 Flavors of our Sour Dill Pickle - Sour Dill, Garlic, Horseradish, Jalapeno, Jalapeno and Garlic and Habanero.

6 Flavors of Pickled Beets - Original, Cinnamon, Horseradish,                                   "Heet", "Red Hot" & Onion.




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